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Andaç tarafından tarihinde yayınlandı

Twitter hesabımda bir süredir parçalarla tabloları eşleştirerek bir zincir yapıyorum. Zincirdeki tablolardan birkaç tanesi gerçekten eşleştiği parçaya ilham olmuş tablolar ancak diğerleri tamamen benim zihnimde yarattığım eşleşmeler.

Twitter’da araya başka tweetler giriyor, biraz daha derli toplu olsun diyerek parçaları ve tabloları bloguma eklemeye karar verdim. Tweet attıkça burayı da güncelleyeceğim.

1- Pablo Picasso – Pierrot ve Dansçı (1900)

Pierrot et danseuse (La danseuse bleue), 1900

Paul McCartney & Wings – Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me)

Three o’clock in the morning
I’m getting ready for bed
It came without a warning
But I’ll be waiting for you baby
I’ll be waiting for you thereSo drink to me drink to my health
You know I can’t drink any more

2- Johnny Dewe Mathews – (tablo adı yok)

David Gilmour – The Girl In The Yellow Dress

She dances like a flame
Has no cares, yellow-dressed flame
Eyes closed, clouds above
She shakes pearls and snakes

3- Van Gogh’un Sandalyesi (1888)

Van Gogh’s Chair (1888)

Don McLean – Empty Chairs

And I wonder if you know 
That I never understood 
That although you said you’d go 
Until you did I never thought you would

4- Joseph Mallord William Turner – Death on a Pale Horse (1825–30)

Death on a pale horse, c. 1825

B.B. King – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

And there’s two white horses following me
I got two white horses following me
Waiting on my burying ground

5- Josse van Craesbeeck – Card Players (1645)

Card players, c. 1645

Gregg Allman – Queen Of Hearts

Ya’ see the fact is more or less
You’re gamblin’ with your own happiness
And most all your would be friends
Turn out so phoney
Oh but times they change
And rearrange

6- Henri Lebasque – By Boat on the Marne (1905)

By boat on the Marne, c. 1905

Styx – Boat On The River

She eases me down, touching me gently
With the waters that flow past my boat on the river
So I don’t cry out anymore

7- Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes – Monk Talking to an Old Woman (1825)

Monk talking to an old woman, c. 1824

Eric Burdon & The Animals – The Black Plague

A woman in black cries
As the deathly procession passes by
And monks moan en masse

8- Anton Mauve – Flock of sheep with shepherd in the snow (1888)

Flock of sheep with shepherd in the snow, c. 1887

Jefferson Airplane – Good Shepherd

If you want to get to heaven
Over on the other shore
Stay out of the way of the blood-stained bandit
Oh good shepherd
Feed my sheep

9- Edvard Munch – Öpücük (1987)

The kiss, 1897

Sarah Vaughan – Prelude To A Kiss

If you hear
A song in blue
Like a flower crying
For the dew
That was my heart serenading you
My prelude to a kiss

10- Henri Rousseau – Carnival Evening (1886)

Carnival evening, 1886

Eric Clapton – Carnival

Come with me, come with me,
To the carnival, to the carnival.You will see, you will see,
What you want to see, exactly what you want to be,
At the carnival, at the carnival, at the carnival.

11- Sandro Botticelli – Venüs’ün Doğuşu (1486)

The birth of Venus, c. 1484

Shocking Blue – Venus

A goddess on a mountain top
Was burning like a silver flame
The summit of beauty and love
And Venus was her name

12- Claude Monet – Gelincik Tarlası (1873)

Poppy field, 1873

Nina Simone – Poppies

Oh, flower of forgetfulness, just an hour away to the moon
Take a deep breath if you are reaching for truth
While you’re in the stupor
The door knocks and death takes another youth.
Poppies, red poppies…, red poppies…

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